Our Products

In/outdoor Ads 

  • Billboard printing and flighting                        
  • Street banner printing and hoisting                
  • Indoor and outdoor signage



  • Vehicle branding
  • Office interior branding
  • Wall branding
  • Product launch dummies
  • Standess point         of sales
  • Exhibition booths branding


Print managements:

  • Pvc banners
  • Roll ups banners
  • Teardrops
  • Pop ups banners
  • Backdrops
  • Posters
  • Fliers
  • Stationary printing
  • Calendars


Exhibitions/Tradeshow /Expo services

  • Shell scheme hiring and construction
  • Furniture and accessories hiring
  • Customized stands and branding



  • Tshirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Caps
  • Umbrellas
  • key rings
  • Bags
  • overall
  • cardholder
  • pens
  • Mugs


Creative Graphic Design

  • Advert
  • logo


Media planning

If all of this has you confused, you are not alone!

— At MEDIABOX we work with you to develop a targeted media campaign that will reach your core audience.

We provide media-buying services on a local, regional, and national basis for all media in the consumer and business-to-business fields.

Our targeted media-buying services allow you to spend your time running your business.

— Outdoor , mall digital screens, FM Radio Campaigns, TV Scrolls, spot ads, logo displays, tickers from local regional stations/ channels to national and International channels